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Lıquıd Medıcal Waste Management

Lıquıd Medıcal Waste Management


STAJEL Liquid Medical Waste Sorbents




The liquid portion of infectious medical waste would contaminate the environment to certain extent during at the points of generation, during the internal and external transports, interim storage and temporary storage, etc. by spillage, leak or accidents. The possible hazard by inhalation and contact might be very high and unpredictable. To prevent the predicted and un-predicted hazards of liquid form of the medical waste, super absorbent polymers were developed which would absorb and jellify the liquid waste wherever they are.

Metan Co., Ltd. has also been manufacturing and marketing the special super absorbent polymer ( SAP ) product in 1,2,5, 5 and 50 litters of packages with the trade mark of STAJEL.

STAJEL can absorb the liquid medical waste at the order of magnitude of minimum 20 times of the volume and solidifies. So, the further inhalation and contact with the liquid form are prevented. The solidified medical waste can easily be removed from the point of generation to the safe disposal by an appropriate way. 

Hazardous waste sorbents and neutralizers


The various kinds of liquid wastes generated by industries may form spills on the floors, surroundings and even in the ocean. around and cause serious hazards to environment .


To absorb, neutralize or solidify these kinds of spills can also be done by special products as STAJEL. In this category there are different oil sorbents,  granular, neutralizers,  hydrocarbon polymers universal sorbents, industrial absorbents and various sorbent accessories as poly-propylene pads, rolls, and booms, sorbent pads, sorbent rolls, absorbent booms, absorbent socks, absorbent pillows, drain protectors, spill pallets, over packs, lab packs, drum funnels secondary containment products and spill kits that are used for different sorbent applications.


There are very large selection of nonwoven wipes and knitted rags in various different sizes and , personal

protection  suits, gloves, and boots are available.