EPC & Project Management in Waste Management

The founder and owner of Mr. Dr. Cemal Kaldirimci has been performing various activities  in the medical waste filed for quite a long time.

He has been the pioneer in the domestic market to introduce the sterilization method which was accepted and advised by Ministry of Environment in the year 2005 by the new medical waste directive.

Till then some consultancy jobs to municipalities to Ministry of Environment, some municipalities and also to KfW, Germany have been performed under the cooperation with Et Log GmbH, Germany.

Till this point Metan has cooperated with almost all of the leading medical waste steriliser manufacturers and for certain periods of time, has acted as the distributor for the defined territories.

When the new directive became effective and the rules were followed strictly by the ministry of environment, the activities were turned to project consultancy and also distributorship of Logmed GmbH, Germany. During this period, three machines were contracted and two machines were instaleld.

This distributorship lasted till the start of establishment of  Optimet Co.Ltd by Mr. Dr. Cemal Kaldirimci , to manufacture medical waste sterilizers based on the unique design made by Cemal Kaldirimci.

During this period four machines were manufactured and installed.

After the stop of manufacturing activities of Optimet Co.,  Metan has become the exclusive international marketing company of Akar waste sterilizers.

In the photos and the videos you can see the photos and videos form the commissioned installations.

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