EPC & Project Management in Waste Management

Metan Green Health & Enviromental Engineering & Consultancy Services has been in the market since 1998. Metan has been the pioneer in her territory in “healthcare waste management and disposal technologies “field since 1998 as both a consulting and engineering company.

The activities started with consultancy work in the field, continued with distributorship and agency relations with major European and American companies as Ecodas, Tuttnauer, Matachana, Bondtech and Logmed .. Further, in collaboration with another firm, Metan owner has started the first time manufacturing of medical waste sterilizers in Turkey.

Currently, Metan is an EPC and Project Management, Planning and Implementation “company to secure the projects of her clients in collaboration with several technology partners. Metan’ s founder and current owner has a wide experience in establishing and operating the “ entire medical waste disposal service “ consisting of waste , collecting, transporting and sterilizing the hazardous biomedical waste.

Further, METAN has been offering complete solutions for healthcare waste management solutions for waste water and also for hazardous healthcare waste as well as for industrial hazardous waste disposal incinerators from her affiliated companies.

In addition to the core business, healthcare waste management, Metan has been offering project management and implementation services and products in several more fields as below;

  • Complete hazardous waste management technologies (incineration or gasification) .
  • Municipal solid waste treatment and recycling technologies ( waste to energy solutions via gasification and biogas )
  • Scrap tire and scrap plastics recycling technologies ( pyrolysis technologies )
  • Industrial Waste water treatment technologies ( unique patented solutions )
  • Anti-bacterial hospital waste ( Biocide certified products )
  • Complete EPC services and products in Solar and Wind Energy lines
  • Oil and soil remediation services , oil waste management


Please bring us your projects, let us sign a secrecy agreement and wait for us bring you the most appropriate solution.