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Anti-Bacterial Paint

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 Hygiene is one of the most  important issues of the modern life and there are vast numbers of measures taken in combat bacteria, viruses, moulds, yasts, etc.



Water based semi matt looking antibacterial interior wall paint. 


Perfect scrub resistant, easy to clean and stain free.















Principal properties

Water based  semi matt looking interior wall paint.





Perfect scrub resistant, easy to clean and stain free.





Silky texture provides walls a smooth and unique gloss with perfect

 light dispersion.


Superior hiding capacity.








Durable; does not crack, blister or yellow by time.





High water vapour permeability, allowing building to breathe.




Long lasting, resists to UV rays, rain, heat and frost, thus retains its original



properties for years without cracking, blistering and fading.




Resistant against mildew and algae growth on walls. 















Water based interior wall paint.

















Styrene-Acyrlic Copolymer.


















Is applied to any interior walls where community of people are living as:



Geriatric houses

with ground preparation like satin plaster, 



putty and priming for decorative purposes.
















Physical constants(20°C) 

Solid content %(w/w)

62,3 ± 0,5
















Viscosity, KU  


110 ± 5

















Specific gravity 


1,42 ± 0,05
















220 gr/m2


















Surface Preparation

The surfaces that the DOCTOR BACTER antibacterial hospital paint 



will be applied on should be smooth, sound, dry, clean and be able to 



receive the paint. On interior surfaces that are mineral based, with 



very little absorption, that do not have dust emission with raw plaster 



which will be painted for the first time, Sartas acrylic latex primer must be



 used; on surfaces with dust emulsion characteristic and high absorption, 



Silicone base transparent primer or Sartas acrylic under coat must be used.












Drying Time (25°C)

Touch dry 30 min. 









Second layer application 6 hours. 







Hard drying 24 hours.


















It is applied with brush, roller or spraying.






Solvent free and practically odorless.






Clean the tools with water.


















It must be applied by diluting with 5-10 % clean water.





(For brush and roller application)
















Antibacterial activity

Antibacterial Hospital Paint is water-based paint, which has



effective antibacterial activity on 36 kind of bacteria, 25 kind of fungi, mold 



and yeast, 7 kind of algea and well-known 8 kind of virus.














Important Detail

Care must be taken that the surface temperature is between +5°C and +30°C 


during application. 


















3,5 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg


















It can be kept for 2 years at a cool place protected from frost.